How to use USB Officejet 6310 in View Desktop?


I've researched a little but not finding a lot of straight forward examples of using basic USB thin client attached printers and View PCoIP session and how relates or differs between USB redirection and or client printer redirection.

So far, I've installed the printer full software driver locally on the thin client and in the master VM.

I am using a Windows Embedded Standard 7 thin client and VMware View client 5.0.0 build 481677 with an HP OfficeJet 6310 USB All-in-one printer.

Connecting to a View 5.1 connection server and agent on WinXP VM.

I can select the printer from available USB devices to redirect, and does print successfully (test page).  But the scanner will not scan.

It errors.  See attached jpg.

Any best practice comments regarding printing,scanner, or All-in-Printers?



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