How to restrict logon hours?

Hello everyone!

I have a customer using Horizon 7 Advanced, specifically version 7.11, where they have some virtual desktop pools for different business areas. They are also using (WS1) Access (version 20.01) to access these desktops using 2FA. They recently asked about the possibility of limiting login times so that users cannot access desktops after business hours.

I never needed it, but I was surprised not to find this option in Horizon or WS1 Access. I thought about it for a while and I think I will choose to use scripts to disable and re-enable desktop pools or entitlements. I understand that it will work, although I am not sure if it is the best option.

So, how would you guys do it?

P.S.: Restrict logon hours on entirely domain in Active Directory is not an valid option.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi dmurana

There is no such time based schedule option available in horizon view however you should consider using native AD to control Logon Hours and apply the GPO to the OU within which the Pools computer objects are created.

You can even force disconnect the users if their connection is active ( Global Settings for Client Sessions ) and you want them to immediately disconnect outside of the hours for which the desktops should be accessible.

Other than that in WS1, you can create 'time schedules' and 'Profile restriction config' together to achieve this. Please check:

Time Schedules

Restriction Profile Configurations

Other method include disabling the pool using script as you are already doing:

Disable VMware View Pool using Powershell PowerCLI