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How to make a public use desktop pool thats not on a domain?

Hello, looking for some advice on this...

We have a handful of public use workstations that need to be replaced.  Currently they are on a guest network separate from our production LAN, they are not on the domain, and have software to restore them to a "clean" state once a day.

For our users, we've got a Horizon setup running 7.9, all instant clones using Teradici zero clients. 

It would be great if the aging public workstations could be replaced with a desktop pool, ideally instant clones, using the Teradici clients.  It looks like for instant clones, they must be on the domain for that, because of the guest customization part when creating a desktop pool wants a domain and wants to put them in an OU.

I noticed that creating a manual desktop pool does not have the guest customization part, and I thought maybe I could just direct connect from the Teradici to the desktop.  However, an the name suggests, I'd need to manually roll back to snapshots, and clone all of the workstations needed.  I'd like to bring the advantages of instant clones, along with the protections of having the desktops remain off the domain on a separate network to these workstations somehow.

We have between 10-15 public use computers.  I suppose this could be manually managed, and we could use direct connect on the Teradici's settings. Perhaps the periodic rollbacks to a known clean snapshot can be automated by other means.



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