How te design the view desktop network ?


I'm designing the view desktop network, the requirement is as following.

1. There are 2 isolated networks, each network need a desktop pool.

2. There are 6 NIC ports on each server.

Can i configure the network as following.

1. Prepare 3 IP subnets, one for management(AD / DB / ESXi /vCenter / View Connect server etc), the two ramaining subnets are for the view desktop pools, one for each pool.

2. On esxi servers, create 3 virtual switch port groups(Management / network-pool1 / network pool2), each port group binds with 2 NIC ports.

3. deploy 4 view connect servers in the management subnet, set tags and bind two connect servers to each desktop pool.

4. Configure the hardware firewall, only let the view clients access their two connect servers and the view desktop VM's.

Please see the picture attached, can this work ?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Is there any reason you have to create 3 IP subnets? Sounds good but a simple set up (Not Always is The Case) usually is one subnet & then you separate the network by vSwitch, VMkernel Ports \ VM Port Groups, VLANs or A VMware View pod (for 2 isolated networks) that integrates five 2,000-user building blocks into a View Manager installation that you can manage as one entity.

In fact, every VMkernel port can provide any combination of the following six services:

    vMotion traffic

    Fault tolerance (FT) logging

    Management traffic

    vSphere replication traffic

    iSCSI traffic

    NFS traffic


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The VDI end users are in different subnets, they are even physical isolated ... so.

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