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Horzion View "Could not establish tunnel connection"

Recently enabled AD authentication on our proxy appliance which allows internet access for our domain users.

Domain Structure

Parent Domain - Users working.

Child Domain 1 - Users working.

Child Domain 2 - Users seeing intermittent issues.

Error messages as below:

"Error: A network error occured".

"Could not establish a tunnel connection".


Only pattern/workaround I can see is initially when the user attempts to connect to Horizon, they receive the above error messages.

If they then launch IE browser on the local PC and access a webpage, retry connection to Horizon now works successfully.

Appreciate if anyone could provide some suggestions as to what might be the cause, or if they have experienced similar.


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It must be that the view client traffic is going via your proxy, communication fails as proxy requires authentication. proxy allows traffic from your machine once any web page is opened by providing password.

You can configure view client to bypass proxy by following steps in this KB VMware KB: Configuring VMware View Client to bypass Internet Explorer proxy settings