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Horizon user different from host user

Hi everybody,

I'm doing a POC with Horizon for a possible implementation at a client of mine. Their scenario is NOT virtual machines but 15 physical computers that need to be shared with 100 people. I can't change it (it's written in stone).

The main problem I have to solve is: the login user on these computers MUST always be the same for each host, for example user1 = computer1, user2 = computer2, and so on. But the users that must have access to the computer pool (Horizon) can, and would be very nice, be controlled by a security group in ADDS.

They know two pools, one with 10 physical computers and the other with 5 physical computers, so the idea would be to create two security groups in AD, Pool1 and Pool2, assigning AD users to these groups.

After that I would assign these groups to the pool on Horiozon. BUT the login user on the computers CANNOT be the user of each person, but a unique user for each computer.

It would be like this:

Client (someone/domain) >>> Hoizon >>> Host1 (user1/domain)
Client (someone_else/domain) >>> Hoizon >>> Host2 (user2/domain)

How could I configure the Horizon pool to work that way?

Live long and prosper,
Marcelo Magalhães

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Marcelo, I'm not sure if I understand you correctly.

Let me try to clarify:

You don't want a user, that has already been authenticated against Horizon, to automatically login to a Desktop with the same "Pool-credentials", but rather use a different user account that is speficic to that Desktop. Did I understand you correctly?

If so, there's a setting for that:



I restarted the Horizon Services after implementing those changes, just to be on the safe side.


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