Horizon Web Access (Blast) not loading in some browsers

Hello there!

We've got an issue with the horizon web access on version 7.4 (client version 4.6). The web page has a valid https certificate assigned to it.

As I try to log in with firefox, everything works just fine and I can log onto my VDI desktop as I would expect it to.

But safari, chrome, opera and internet explorer are not working with this behaviour:

  • Safari & internet explorer:
    I can log in there, but as I click on my desktop, the browser redirects me to the home page and I have to log in again.
  • Chrome & opera:
    In chrome, I can enter my username and my password but then, it just stucks with a loading icon.

I tried to find something in the knowledgebase but I didn't find anything useful or anything that worked for us.

Do you have any idea what could cause this issue?

Thanks in advance!



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Do you have everything in behind a load balancer, and also are using the Unified Access Gateways or the Security Servers. Look at the Allow HTML Access links in the below kb

Configuring Horizon Client Connections

you may need to set one or both of these.

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