Horizon View with UAGs and NSX Edge Load Balancer Service Monitoring

We have two UAGs paired with two connection servers ( I know, I know not the best design, but that will be corrected soon).  My question is the proper configuration for the NSX Edge load balancing the UAGs.  These are for external connections.  My question is the configuration for the service monitoring within the load balancer.  For internal connections, we have an edge that load balances directly to two connection servers.  As part of the service monitoring, we have monitoring for SSL, Blast, and PCOIP.  We create separate pools with monitoring for each protocols (SSL - HTTPS port 443; BLAST - TCP port 8443; PCOIP - TCP port 4172).   If there are issues with any of the protocols, depending on the connection type, that arm within the specific pool is not available/served up.  How would I do this with the UAGs for the external connections?  The arms within the pools on the edge point to the UAG and not the connections servers.   Is my thinking right?

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