Horizon View Wyse Firmware 5.2.2 Upgrade Printer Issue

After applying Wyse firmware upgrade 5.2.2 to a P25 client, we are experiencing issues with USB connected Epson TM-U235 printer. Prior to the upgrade, we were using firmware v. 4.8.0 without any issues.

Current environment setup:

-Horizon View 7.0.3
-Wyse P25 devices
-Epson TM-U235 USB connected printer
-Epson TMUSB device driver v. 7.00 installed
-Epson TM Virtual Port Driver v. 8.50a software installed​ (used to emulate COM3 for printer port)
-Local printer setup to use COM3 with no flow control

In the working firmware v. 4.8.0 environment, the printer would be used to validate a ticket and then print a receipt. In the 5.2.2 environment, the first transaction is successful (uses validator and prints receipt) - after that everything will try to go directly to the receipt printer and not print correctly.

We have attempted several troubleshooting steps, but none have been successful. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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