Horizon View SSL VPN, and RDP choppiness

I have users who connect to our Horizon View environment over the web.

The idea is a "client less" connection, so you can connect anywhere there is a computer with internet access.

Users will connect and then log into a pool of VDI machines.

All good.

However, if they want to RDP from the VDI machine to a physical, OR if we provide the RDP App and they connect to a physical, it's painfully slow.

Several second delay sometimes.

Has anyone else experienced this and could you provide your RDP users a better experience?

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I have experience a delay when I RDP from inside a virtual desktop but the latency is very minimal and I've gotten use to it. One area to investigate is how much resource on the Horizon virtual desktop is being used. You may need to add more CPU for processing. Try decreasing the size of the RDP window and see if that helps.

Also, try playing around with RDP settings. Disable drive/printer redirection, etc.

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