Horizon View - Desktop Pool Copy and Paste Notification

- VMware Horizon View 7.7

- HTML Blast

- Clipboard Redirection is Disabled (All Directions) in Group Policy and UEM

- Instant Clones Desktop Pool

- Windows 10 - 1803

We do NOT permit access to clipboard content. The problem is we are getting the following notification intermittently causing confusion to end users:

"Enable Copy and Paste (You can copy and paste text between your local system and the remote applications using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)"

I worked w/ VMware support and they confirmed the settings in GPO (Configure clipboard redirection = Disabled in both directions) and UEM Policy (Horizon Smart Policies - Clipboard = Disabled)

The clipboard is NOT working as intended, which is good, we simply want to prevent this Notification from appearing when logging into Desktop Pool, otherwise End Users think they can copy/paste.

When working w/ support, they suggested the GPO and now that I went back with a new ticket, they stated this is a bug that will be resolved in future release. A bit frustrated that I have gotten two different responses from them.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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