Horizon View 7.3.1 Linked Clones - Hang at Creating Refresh Checkpoint

Hi Experts,

So I am having an issue with a customer of mine.  They are running 7.3.1 on Windows 10.  When I Provision or recompose, it takes HOURS to complete.  I saw one article stating it may have something to do with a dependent hard disk on the VM.  I checked, and there is a 20mb file thay is set to independent-Persistent.  Linked Clones creates this Hard disk though so I cannot see it being the issue.  Has anyone experienced this problem?  Is there something I am missing?  Below is the following Information:

Windows 10 Pro

View Composer 7.3.1

View Agent 7.3.1

3 Hard disks attached to VM:  40GB hard drive (OS), 4GB Hard Drive (non-Persistent disposable disk), and a 20mb disk (no clue what this is for)

Thank you for your help. 

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It solves not your problem, but here is some information about the 20MB Disk Smiley Wink

View Composer creates a second disk with the OS disk. The second disk stores QuickPrep configuration data and other OS-related data that must be preserved during refresh and recompose operations. This disk is small, typically about 20MB. This disk is created whether you use QuickPrep or Sysprep to customize the desktop.

Can you see on which stage the recompose is hanging? is that after making a replica, or while cust the vm?

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Thank you for responding.

It hangs after the replica is created.  Here are the tasks I saw in vCenter:

1. Under the replica disk tasks:

a.  Create snapshot

Add tag

Clone VM

2. Under Virtual Machine:

a.  Add Tag - 9:08

b.  Reconfig Machine - 9:08

c. shows Reconfigure Virtual Macine 4 times

d.  Power on VM - 9:09.

At that point it just sits there for approx 4 hours, then all of a sudden it starts to reboot and the VDI is ready..

When I look at the machine , it has been added to the domain and everything, as soon as I reboot the VDI then in View Admin Console it shows Available.


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