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Horizon View 7.2, RDP VC Bridge 3.2, Delay For WTSQuerySessionInformation

We are having issues with the VMWare RDP Virtual Channel Bridge SDK. We are using the vdp_rdpvcbridge.dll with File version 6.1.656.846, and Product version 7.2.0 build-6560846, which I believe is part of version 3.2 of the SDK.

The issues appear when we call the function WTSQuerySessionInformation with WTSInfoClass “WTSClientName”. Sometimes it takes 10-60 seconds to get a response back, causing problematic delays.

On a test machine, we can replace the vdp_rdpvcbridge.dll with an older version, File version 6.1.468.6475 and Product version 6.2.0 build-4686475 from version 3.1, and everything works properly. However we are unable to use the older version as a workaround due to certain circumstances.

Thank you for any assistance!


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