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Horizon View 6 to 7 Upgrade

Can anyone help me about a migration that I have to do, please?

Here is the scenario:

- Horizon View 6.2.4 (View Agent equals of the Connection Servers)
- vSphere vCenter 6.0 Update 3
- vSphere ESXi   6.0 Update 1b

One infrastructure VDI:


4 x Connections Servers
1 x Composer

6 x Connections Servers
1 x Composer
Horizon Cloud Pod active
Type of pools:
- Full Machines: automatic + manual
- Linked Clones: dedicated + floating

My questions are:

- Besides upgrading first the composer, do I need to upgrade all connection servers together?

- Can I upgrade one connection server at the time and maintain the provision of the pools with the other ones (still in the old version)?

- Do I need to upgrade immediately the Windows Agents after the upgrade of one or all connection server?


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