Horizon View 5.3 Upgrade Process - Local Mode and Agent issues?


I am planning my upgrade to Horizon View 5.3 (from 5.2). The process (taken from the View 5.2 Upgrade Document per Release Notes) is as follows (with questions/concerns in Red). Any thoughts, suggestions or answers are most welcome.

  1. Prep Standalone Composer (vCenter will not be upgraded from 5.1 at this time)
  2. Prep Connection server
  3. Prep Security Server
  4. Upgrade Composer
  5. Upgrade Connection Server
  6. Upgrade Security Server
  7. Upgrade Transfer Server??
    1. I have not seen a new Local Mode this step required right now?
    2. Will the current Local Mode Client work with View 5.3 Agent or do I need to keep the 5.2 Agent on all Local Mode desktops
  8. Upgrade View Agent and Feature Pack on Templates (sources for both Linked Clone and Full Clone pools)
  9. Upgrade View Agent on all Full Clone and Manual Desktops
    1. Because we have a large number of full clones, this process may take time. Will Desktop Sources with Agent 5.2 still be accessible after the back-end components are upgraded to 5.3 as long as the user is also using the current (or newest) client release?
    2. Will there be any problems with Full clone/Manual desktops during the interim period when the servers have been upgraded but the Agents and Feature Pack on the desktops have not?
  10. Recompose Linked Clone Pools
  11. Upgrade End-User clients
    1. Do we need a new client for Local Mode desktops? If so, when will a new Local Mode Client be available?

Thanks, O'Brien

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