Horizon Physical PC Console Access

We are testing out remote access to a select few physical desktops using the Horizon Agent and View server as the broker. We are running View 7.13. The physical computer is a Lenovo ThinkStation with a NVidia T600 card, running Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2. We initially had issues with it even registering with Horizon for the manual pool but that eventually began working after a support ticket with VMware. The HTML access was the next issue- the display scaling was not correct and always had the display showing with large icons and no way to change it. If we used the thick client on a computer, the connection was established fine and display scaling worked as expected. During one of the troubleshooting sessions we decided to try 7.13.1 agent because there were some improvements to the Blast Protocol in that release, and then it began to scale correctly. 


The thing that will either make or break this project is these are going to be dedicated stations and the employees need to have the ability to access them at the console sitting at their desk or while remotely. As soon as I installed the Horizon Agent on to the machine, all video output ceased- even after uninstalling the agent, the video card would not send video back to the local monitors after booting past POST. I am currently reinstalling the OS and going to try this again but wondered if anyone else has seen this?

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