Horizon Linked Clone - customization running forever for updated Golden Image Windows 10 LTSC


we have golden image with Windows 10 LTSC - 1809 - OS Build 17763.1158 with installed,

  • Vmware Tools 10.3.5 - build 10430147
  • Vmware Horizon agent 7.11.0
  • AppVolume Agent 2.18.6

it is used for Automated Desktop pool Floating Assignment, Linked Clone, the last build / update for image was done August 2020. 

We use Sysprep Customization script. 

The Golden image is configured per guidance

We installed now the latest windows patches - October or November 2020 and closed the master image, created a new snapshot for provisioning.

Since we installed the Windows patches, all the new provisioning or recompose for the VM is "failling" and "stuck" on customization.

The machine is provisioned with the correct hostname, IP is assigned from DHCP,  powered-on and
then the machines sit in a customization process and never go any further - initial sysprep is done and then nothing.

Has anyone observed this behavior and if so, were you able to resolve it?

Thank you.


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