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according to the VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix (https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/support/product-lifecycle-matrix.p... ) End of General support for Horizon 7.x is end of March 2021. But I fail to understand what this means for my environment exactly. Which version of 7.x is actually supported? Can I just stay on 7.0.2 until then and if there is any issue, VMware support will provide me with a fix? Or do I need to update to the latest 7.x, which is 7.2 at the moment? What about major bugs discovered; will they ever be released as some kind of service pack for my 7.0.2 environment?

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It basically means that until March 2021, you would get all the necessary support for the specific version of Horizon products via the VMware Technical Support Team.

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Yes that is correct what "Parmarr" said, it is basically if you face any kind of issue's/bugs if you call VMware, you will get the best solution/resolution/workaround and this support will end in 2021 for View 7.0.2

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