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Horizon HTML with Chrome and IE 11

Ran into a problem at a hospital that one of our docs visits weekly.  Seems that one computer can access our Horizon Environment and the other cannot.  The one that could teh user was using chrome and teh one that could not was running IE 11.  Was just curious what would cause the error message. He can login just fine but when he tried to connect to any of his desktops or apps it tells him that none are available...but they are.  When i try to login that that same IE 11 computer with teh client i get a black screen.  I realize that is a protocol being blocked but the odd part is that if we use chrome on that computer then HTML works fine.  Was just curious what would be causing that issue.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks


Environment - Horizon 7.7 using dedicated desktops.  No UEM and No Appvol. 

Thank you, Perry
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