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Horizon 8 for Mac (2306) Screen Resolution & Ultrawide Monitor

I recently started using a Mac version of the Horizon client to connect to my virtual desktop when working from home. Previously, I was running a Dell laptop. The virtual machine I am connecting to runs Windows 10. Also, my monitor connected to the Mac is a 32:9 ultrawide model. If I set the resolution settings on the Mac to 3840 x 1080, same as it was when I was using my old Dell, then everything runs fine in a full screen mode on the VM side. However, if I run the Mac at the default resolution setting of 5120 x 1440, then the maximum resolution I get out of the VM fills a portion of screen (roughly 3840 x 1080) and the rest of the screen is black. This happens regardless of whether I have I have "Use Full Resolution of Retina Display" checked. Resolution and Display Scaling are both set to Auto. I realize there could likely be hardware limitation for the VM coming from the server it's running on. I have tried to set a specific resolution by going to the Connections>Settings>Display and choosing from the dropdown menu. However, there is not a option that matches the 32:9 ratio. I have seen where others online have posted about adding in custom resolution settings from either a Windows or Linux version of the Horizon client, that allow then to choose their custom size from the same dropdown menu. But I have been unable to find any similar instructions for how this might be accomplished on the MacOS version. I was wondering if anyone had any insights or if I am stuck to running the Mac at a lower resolution when I need the VM.

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