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Horizon 7 Web Portal with HTML5 access - Blast is fast until you add RDP protocol

We setup our Horizon 7 Web Portal with HTML5 access and offered the View Client (we have other View Environments) and the RDP so folks can RDP into existing machines (server admins, etc).

I have a pool of VM's in the environment (Windows 7 64-bit FULL in this picture).ast,

The VM is fast, fast fast. The mouse response time and screen paint is as fast as sitting at a physical machine.

However, if we run the RDP and connect to another machine, the mouse movement is slooooooow. Screen repaints are slooooow.

Also, if I run the View Client and connect to another View environment, those VMs are sloooooow.

It's as if the moment I start using RDP, everything is slower.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there some tweaking?


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