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Horizon 7 Connection Server Upgrade error

I am trying to run an upgrade on my Horizon 7.10.0 servers build - 14584133 .

I am upgrading using the 7.10.3 installer on my Windows 2019 server.

While running the installer I am prompted to accept the EULA, which I click "I accept the terms in the license agreement", Next>

An error is produced that says:

"The currently logged on user does not have sufficient privledges on the existing Directory Services Instance. Please log in as a user with full Horizon 7 Administrator rights and then retry this installation."


My account has full domain privledges in AD, I've got local admin permissions as well under computer management.


I've attempted to disable the VMwareVDMS service (Provides VMware Horizon 7 LDAP directory services). This produced an LDAP error.

I went to control panel and uninstalled the AD LDS instance VMwareVDMS program/feature, this caused an LDAP error while using the installer.

I went into the Horizon Manager >Settings > Administrators > added my AD admin account to the Administrators role.


What am I missing 😠??

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot


Are you running the upgrade with the same user you installed the original setup? 

Just to be clear: the "existing Directory services Instance" and the AD LDS Instance on your connection server are the configuration of you Horizon environment. So disabling or uninstalling is definitly not a good idea!

Horizon uses a Lightweight Directory Service to store and replicate its configuration. This has nothing to do with your Active Directory or any AD settings in Horizon.

Did you try running the installer "as administrator"? 

Do you have multiple connection servers? Do you have the same issue on all connection servers?



Mickeybyte (ITPro blog)

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Having Domain admin right and right on the View administrator are 2 different things.

I may be Domain Admin however if I have not added myself in Horizon Administrator as an administrator, I may not have access.

Are you able to login to View administrator using your domain admin account?

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