Horizon 7.5 Persona problem

After upgrading to Horizon View 7.5, we have some intermittent problems loading the roaming profile. If we downgrade to 7.4, this is not an issue.

We are using Windows 10 2016 LTSB on one 32 bit pool and one 6 4bit pool. We have this issue on both pools. Have anyone else had any issues like this?

From the VMWVvp log:

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0702][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetSessionInfo] Retrieved LUID: ProcessId: 8492

<2154>[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][GetCallerContext          ] Failed Retrieving User Data: Session: 1

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetSessionInfo] Found 7 Sessions: ProcessId: 8492

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetSessionInfo] Found Logon Session Data: ProcessId: 8492, Session: 1, User: MYUSER, Logon Domain: OURDOMAIN, SID: S-3-1-11-815287549-3144351555-3633635715-1232, Type: 2

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetCurrentUserInfo] Key Path: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-3-1-11-815287549-3144351555-3633635715-1232

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetProfilePath] Profiles Directory: Pid: 8492, C:\Users

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetProfilePath] Opened User's Key: Pid: 8492, Path: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-3-1-11-815287549-3144351555-3633635715-1232, Attempt: 1

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetProfilePath] Local Path: Pid: 8492, C:\Users\MYUSER

[0][06/21/2018 11:16:18:0706][RTOVPHelper!RTOGetProfileFromService] Failure UPDATE_PROFILE_CONFIG reply: ProcessId: 8492, 0x80070490

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If you search this forum you will see that others have had the same issue with Persona on Agent versions 7.5.0, 7.5.1, and 7.6.0.  Generally, the workaround is to take your Agent back to 7.4.0.  I have seen one post that claims the Persona issues are fixed in the new 7.7.0 Agent.  I have not tested this claim, so I cannot substantiate it.  Obviously VMware would prefer that you switch to UEM, but until they make some form of UEM available in Standard and Advanced versions of Horizon, they will need to continue to support Persona with WIndows 10.