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Horizon 7 5.5.4 to Horizon 8 2203 8.5.0 - The Connection to the remote computer ended.

By chance does anyone know what would cause a "Loading Failed - The Connection to the remote computer ended". When you use Horizon 8. But not when you use Horizon 7?  

I work from home and I use horizon 7, to login. My business uses Horizon 8 internally and many users also remote in using Horizon 8. But for some reason when I use it, i can login, connect, verify myself through okta and then when i actually double click on the remote desktop i want it cannot connect.  

I've checked my firewalls but found nothing.  An idk why Horizon 7 works just fine but not Horizon 8.   On the business side they only see me login and disconnect.  There is no login failures. 

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Hi SilverKnight1,

It could be a inter compatibility issue.

Product Interoperability Matrix (vmware.com)

When you said Horizon 8 2203 8.5.0, are you speaking about the Client /Agent / connection server?