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Horizon 7.2 Help Desk Issue

Hi all,

       we are running multiple Horizon Connection Servers through a f5 load balancer and having issues with the helpdesk feature of Horizon Administrator.

When trying to authenticate using our production domain through the load balancer it fails to authenticate "Authentication failed. Invalid domain, username, or password. Please try again." - we have tried with other domains in list - same issue

If we go directly to each of the connection server addresses it authenticates fine with production domain and the other domains.

This only started happening after going from 7.1 to 7.2

Has anyone else come across this?

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This is caused by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. Details are in the Horizon documentation at the end of this page (Origin Checking): https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.2/com.vmware.horizon-view.security.doc/GUID-94DAC7B8-7...

You can create and customize locked.properties on each connection server to contain specific hostnames if needed, or just use the same one on each with only the DNS name of the F5 VIP.

My locked.properties file looks like this:

balancedHost=DNS name of F5 VIP

portalHost.1=hostname without FQDN

This allows me to get to the admin console and help desk using https://vdi.mydomain.com, https://connectionserver.mydomain.com, or https://connectionserver.