Horizon 7.13 Cluster Audit

Hi team,

i have been engaged to audit two Horizon 7.13 clusters, one running in a Workload Domain within a VMWare Cloud Foundations (VCF) 3.7 (soon to be 3.9, then 4) cluster and the second running within a service providers IaaS environment.  Due to various reasons I'm not going to be provided direct access to the platforms in the short term and i need to find a quick and easy method to export as much of the configuration details as possible.  Are the any tools/feature, either native or this party (most likely third party will not fly) that i could utilize or provide instruction to host owners to gather this data...?

also, any knowledge of Horizon/VSphere/VCF audit templates/samples that could be modified so i don't need to re-invest the wheel...? 

Any assistance will be appreciated.


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