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Horizon 6 load balancing

Hello everybody,

i'm trying to balance a pair of security server and relative connection server. I've installed on it a certificate that contain the common name of the balanced fqdn and the alternative name of connection and security server. After that i want to configured the external url for PCoIP, Blast and html access with the loadbalanced fqdn for both security and connection server but if check the question mark int the console i read "The External URL must not be load balanced".

So what is the right external URL? I must leave the hostname of the security server and uncheck the option in connection server?

Thanks a lot


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you must have the check marks checked, otherwise tunneling will not work.

what you should do is have each security server configured with its fqdn  , not the load balancer fqdn.

you still can use a load balancer but its only for the authentication process. once a user is authenticated he goes directlly to one of the security server.

I agree that vmware documentaion lacks on this subject.

let me know if that helps.