Horizon 4.7 + vIDM + RDSH | No automatic login on RDSH over vIDM/Workspace

Hi folks,

i have a test setup with a

Horizon 4.7

vIDM 3.2

and Microsoft Server 2012R2 / Server 2016 as RDSH instant clones.

here the problem:

If i connect to the vIDM website, login and click on any application. Horizon client starts and the client comes up with the Windows server login screen "Other User" and waits for username and passwort entry.

If i open my Horizon client directly. Logging in with username/password or "login as current user" .. i intsantly get the application without a windows server login prompt.

in my opinion something is wrong with SAML authentication?!

or do i need an enrollment server for true SSO? if i read it correctly it is only needed with smartcard/2FA logins, right?

where can i troubleshot this behavior?

thanks for any help/brainstorming

best regards


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The behavior you should expect is a user should automatically log into the desktop. You are also correct about true SSO. That is more for using 3rd party IDP.

For troubleshooting, first check out your View settings. Make sure you accepted the SAML certificates and that all looks good. I would try doing a manual sync with your Horizon environment to see if that helps. Maybe disable and re-enable the view pod settings. If its an isolated case, make sure the user doesn't have any sessions as the sso credentials might have expired. Check

For diving deeper, I would open a ticket with support. You will need to dig into the logs on the vIDM server and connection server, etc.

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