Horizon 21.xx Cloud Pod

Quick questions regarding CPA...We are currently running (2) Horizon 7 Connection Servers connecting to multiple ELM VCSA. When we stood up the Horizon 7 Connection Servers we did (1) Standard + (1) Replica and initialized CPA. Everything works great with Global Entitlements and such and we are now "hooked" the flexibility of global entitlements. The question is that we are going to building (2) new Horizon 21.xx Connection Servers for a new environment and I was wondering if we should just go with (2) Standard Server installs and initialize CPA on the first and then join the second CS to the pod. This would eliminate the local data layer connection that exists when using the Replica option for Connection Server #2 correct and just replicate the same data using only the global data layer? Also, from a redundancy stand point once the two Connection Servers are in the same pod their behavior would mimic the Standard + Replica build in that are both replicating the information between the two so we could take one down for maintenance and not have to worry about the ADAM getting out of sync or customers not being able to logon etc...

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