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Horizon 2013 - HTML Access for internal clients

Hi all,

since upgrading from Horizon 7.12 to 2103 we have the following issue

We have to internal connection brokers behind a loadbalancer. The setting of the connection broker is "Use Blast Secure Gateway for only HTML Access connections to machine".
The Bast External URL is set to HTTPS://FQDN with port 8443.

If I enter our VIP URL in the browser and connect to the pool, I can see the redirect to the VDI with Port 22433 and the untrusted blast certificate.
This is normaly the behavior if blast secure gateway is set to "do not use Blast Secure Gateway".
We want to use the Blast Secure Gateway for the internal HTML Access to get rid of certificate issues. 

If I open my browser to one of the connection browers and connect to the VDI anything is working as expected. No certificate issues!

So why does it not working anymore after upgrading to the lastet horizon version? Can anyone confirm?
I already switched to blast secure gateway off, rebooted the server and set it for HTML again.





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