HTML Access loops back to logon

Running Horizon 7.4 with 3 connection servers behind a load balancer.  Using the windows client works fine.  If i try to access using HTML access the following occurs.

connect to the load balancing VIP web page.

enter my logon credentials and Horizon presents me with the desktop pools that are available to me.

     when i select a desktop pool, the webpage redirects to an ip address of the desktop Horizon wants to connect me to.  This itself is a problem since that page is not trusted and the browser gives me a certificate warning.  But then when I select to ignore the certificate, I get looped back to the logon page.

this happened when I was on Horizon 7.3 and still occurs after upgrading to Horizon 7.4.  I have confirmed this not a load balancer issue.  If I connect directly to a connection server using HTML access, the same behavior occurs.

Has anyone else seen this?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Are you using Edge or IE browser?

please try configure valid certificate if BSG is disabled.

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We're experiencing the same loop back issue when using HTML5 as well.  The issue started occurring when our F5 APMs were upgraded.  F5 actually confirmed it's on their end so we just rolled back the upgrade for now until they fix the issue.  Not sure what you're using for load balancers but here's what F5 stated.

708005-3 : Users cannot use Horizon View HTML5 client to launch Horizon 7.4 resources

Component: Access Policy Manager

When using VMware View HTML5 client, end users are able to authenticate and see available View resources on the APM webtop. However, any attempt to launch the resource (desktop or application) in HTML5 mode momentarily appears to function, but then redirects to the initial APM login page.

This occurs when the following conditions are met:
-- APM is protecting VMware Horizon View 7.4 resources.
-- End user tries to launch a View resource from the APM webtop using the Horizon View HTML5 client.

End user cannot launch VMware View resources with View HTML5 client.

-- If you are already running Horizon 7.4, use native View clients instead.

-- If you have not upgraded to Horizon 7.4, stay on older Horizon releases until a workaround/fix is implemented for this issue.

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