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Guest VM detects client machine local network drop or instability and causes network sensitive Citrix apps to close/crash

For some reason unbeknownst to my team and I, our main clinical app (Cerner Millennium which is hosted remotely and accessed via Citrix) - crashes or closes when there is suddenly poor or no network connectivity (normally happens with roaming wireless ThinClients or PCs with VMware Horizon Client) on the Client of the guest VM.

I was under the impression the the local network connection has no bearing on the remote virtual OS/VM other than whether you're connected or disconnected to the session...

Does anyone know exactly how the local network connection is "connected" to the guest VM's network and if there's any settings to change the behavior of the guest VM's dependence on the local network connection?

It seems that Citrix is the only app that gets adversely affected by the local network dropouts.

Using view agent 6.2, horizon client 4.X, citrix web plugin.

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