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Guarantee desktop for Zero Clients over BYOD

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had insight on the following issue, and how you get around it.

I'll try to keep explanations brief, but it could get complicated explaining...

  • 1000 licenses
  • 2 Pods (CPA) each with
  • 2 Pools:
  1. Zero Client Pool (VMs for 500 Zero Clients total evenly across both pods, floating, need to guarantee a desktop is available).
  2. BYOD Pool (500 floating licenses evenly across both pods).

Scenario 1:

POD1 ZC Pool - 250 MAX VMs

POD1 BYOD Pool - 250 MAX VMs

POD2 ZC Pool - 250 MAX VMs

POD2 BYOD Pool - 250 MAX VMs


1. A pod goes down.There are not enough desktops in the other pod to take the load. We are at half service.

  • Is that fine for you, and you increase manually on the pod that is up?

2. ZCs are all used. Shift change comes along and some people don't log off - automated logoffs don't happen for 15 minutes. New shift can't get a desktop.

  • Do you instead have ... say 300VMs per ZC pool?
  • What happens if all 300 are used (for at least that 15 minute period) - licensing prevents potentially free BYOD VMs being available.

Any resources/links that might deal with these sorts of best practices?


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