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Is it possible to force the end-users to only use PCoIP?

I mean by policy or something... in Horizon you can set preference to use primarily PCoIP, but if the end user changes, it stays the way the users wants.
We would like to force PCoIP.

Is this possible?

Looked into the policies, but could not find any..

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Under the Desktop Pool Settings tab in the 'Remote Display Protocol' section you have the ability to set the 'Default Display Protocol' to PCoIP. There should also be another option 'allow users to choose protocol' which controls whether users can override the default display protocol you selected. Simply change that value to No and it will force them to use the default protocol which you set to PCoIP. There is also a Group Policy setting you can set called 'AllowDirectRDP' which will prevent devices that are not running Horizon Client from connecting directly to Horizon Desktops through RDP:   (Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates > VMware Horizon Agent Configuration) and disable 'AllowDirectRDP'


Additional information:

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There are two pool settings; "Default display protocol" and "Allow users to choose protocol". Set the first one to "PCoIP" and the second one to "No". In our environment we only allow "VMware Blast". Be aware that if you restrict the pool to only allow "VMware Blast" it will still allow PCoIP connections from zero clients and pre-4.0 Horizon Clients (see page 4 of Blast Extreme Display Protocol in VMware Horizon 7: VMware Horizon 7 version 7.x).

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