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Firefox/Chrome - Not able to reach external websites (outside companies domain) | Connection expires

Hello everyone! I'm new to this and recently the responsible team for VDI in the company, "dropped" VDI to me and I not very comfortable with it.

I was able to capture softwares, configs, etc... But now I'm facing a problem regarding web browsers. Basically the golden image only has Edge has a browser, and that one is able to reach internal and external links. But, when I capture Firefox or Chrome, those browsers are only able to reach internal websites.

The "error" message is something like "connection expired". If I try to access youtube, for example, the browser tries to access the link and eventually returns that error.

Have you guys faced anything like this before? Do I need to create anything on UEM to solve this? I've messed with firewall settings, allowed everything, no success at all...

If you know how to solve this or have any ideas, I would appreciate it!


Thank you so much for your attention 🙂

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