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Filter Horizon Connection Server vsphere assets


In the Horizon Connection Server admin dashboard there is monitoring of system health regarding the ESX hosts, connection servers and data stores.

I've searched the doco and I can't find a way to filter this view.  In our environment, we will have several isolated HCS deployments and dedicated data stores + esx hosts/datacenters in vsphere for the Horizon infrastructure to use.

What I would like to get is a filtered view:

Horizon only provides status over the hosts dedicated to providing horizon (preferably filtered by the cluster and/or data center)

Horizon only monitors and provides a free space acknowledgement over the data stores I specify (and/or filtered by available to cluster/data center)

I'd like very much to use the health monitoring, but with 99% of the alarms and warnings not related to horizon, and the free space warning based on the whole enterprise's free space, it's not helpful.

Is this possible?

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