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Fast application pool, but slow rds desktop pool

Hi. I've searched alot and didn't find anything related to my case.

I have designers using autocad.

I've given them automated or manual desktops and horizon client to connect to application pool but it's extremely slow.

When I connect directly from zero client or horizon client, it's speed is perfect.

So I decided to give them sessions from RDS desktop pool and it's slower than second scenario but faster than first.

It's lag is visible when you drag the plan and move it around.

So I briefly write it down:

1- Direct connection to application pool from zero client or horizon client (from a case or laptop over network or internet): Fast

2- Connection throw RDS desktop pool session: Very Slow

3- Connection throw zero client, Manual or automatic desktop pool machine, and application pool from horizon client on machine: Extremely slow


I want to speed up second or third way to match first one.

What's the reason for these slow workspaces?

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