FTSJail needed for WinSCP - how to implement on non persistent Instant Clones

Just reading an article on getting WinSCP working on machines with Horizon Agent 7.13

Here is the potential fix:


There is workaround to exclude the process, such that the dll ftapihook32 does not get hooked.

Jail blacklist

  1. Run regedit.exe

  2. Open value
    The value is Multi String that contains excluded process names.

  3. Append needed process name there (wildcards are supported). Example: *\notepad.exe.

  4. Restart system

This should fix the issue without having to let go of the Scanner/Serialport redirection."

How would I implement this on non persistent Instant Clones? I have tried several UEM changes (regedit, file name change) but it does not appear to fix the problem.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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You would need to do this on the gold image.

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