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FSlogix without DEM > Instant Clones > Add DEM after the fact?


I'm working on an environment that runs Horizon View with Instant Clones. There is no DEM at this point.
Everything seems to be working fine. The only issue I have come across so far, is the default printer not being retained during sessions i.e. it switches back to MS XPS every time a user connects to a new session.

There's a 'Redirection.xml' which seems to be default settings as far as I can tell. But I have not worked much with this before so I wouldn't really know. Anywho, I have some questions which I'm hoping you guys could help me with:

How does this file function exactly? Is it the obvious and anything in the 'Exclude' list will be ignored and not retained during sessions, and anything in the 'Include' list, is retained during sessions? If this is the case, how would I know what FSlogix retains by default and what it does not?

VMware DEM (Desktop Environment Manager):
How much trouble would it be do implement this now, after Horizon Instant Clones have already been setup together with FSlogix and are actively used in production? Is DEM really needed? As stated above, the only issue I have noticed so far, is the defualt printer not being retained during sessions. Is there an other value/advantage to DEM?

That's it for now.

Thank you in advance!

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