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Expiring Broker-SSO Self-Signed certificate

We recently ran across a self-signed certificate which was issued to "Broker-SSO", issued by "Broker-SSO" and had a friendly name of "Helpdesk-key-pair-store".  This certificate was located in the local computer personal store on several of our VMWare servers which were running Horizon 7. These certificates were nearing expiration and therefore surfaced in some of our monitoring reports.  I found nothing online telling me anything about them or indicating how to renew them, so I opened a support ticket with VMWare and ultimately was told that these are internal to VMWare and I didn't need to worry about them because they would be renewed automatically when they expire. They are installed when Horizon 7 is installed on the server and they are valid for 1 year. Once they expire and are regenerated, they are valid for only 1 week at a time. VMWare support told me that if I were to delete them from the certificate store, they would be re-created automatically and would be valid for 1 week at a time.

Since there was nothing online regarding these certificates, I thought I'd put this out there for you.

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