Error message "The Service is not working properly" in dashboard and problems that followed it.

Hello all.

Noticed this message yesterday and soon after users started calling that there were no more desktop sources available.

Spent all day 09.12.20 looking at logs and doing the routine checks for problems with provisioning. Was running vcenter 7.0a and noticed that storage/core was full. Having a disk filled has in the past been a culprit for provisioning to break. After some digging i found that other have had this problem with this version of vcenter and the problem was workload control plane service on the vcsa. Disabled the service and deleted the files, this did not stop the disk from filling with core.in:imfile.xxxx files. Found another post that mentioned it was this service in combination with extrernal syslog config. So i removed the syslog settings for our external syslog and the disk stopped filling.

Checked the AD service user and it was also fine. Spent a lot of time searching through logs but nothing that i could see of errors related to my problem.

But provisioning did not start again after this and a reboot of the vcenter. Message also persisted. Since i still had active users i did not reboot the connection servers. Even upgraded the vcenter but still no luck.

At the end of the day i had lots of machines stuck on deleting and maintenance mode. So i went on the connection server and started deleteing them with viewdbchk tool. To my surprise that worked, the service user did the job and i could see in vcenter the task were done and machines got deleted.

Did this for all pools and all machines, disabled the pools and provisioning. Rebooted the connection servers and enabled the pools and now it seems like at all is working as normal again.

However the error message is still there, and no it is not a certificate error like all my google searches turned up. Hope this helps someone. 

If this happens again i would really like for viewdbchk tool to be able to delete more vms, got tired typing the same password for each machine.

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