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Error installing horizon agent vmware postscript driver uninstall

I realized that I had accidentally installed the virtual printing feature within the Horizon Agent instead of Integrated Printing. So I thought I could just modify the setup, remove one and the add the other. When I tried to do that, and now uninstalled/re-installed the agent many times I run into the same error in the log file,

vdmInstUtil: 10/09/21 20:32:15 WARNING: failed to uninstall driver (VMware PostScript Printer Driver) with error code 1797

The install fails and rollsback

I have found other forums where people have come across this exact situation but no one has provided a fix that I can find.

I'm trying to install version 7.13.0 but have also tried 7.13.1 and 8.1.0, all produce the same error.

I can install these fine without integrated printing or virtual printing selected

No reboots are pending

I'm using vmtools 11.2.0, I have uninstalled/re-install it as well

I found this driver in the driverstore and deleted it using pnputil.  My guess is its still somewhere in the registry and the agent cant delete it for some reason.

Any other suggestions?

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