Do we have to re-register vCenter after upgrading or restoring vCenter Server?

Hi Experts,

I have a question about a registration of vCenter from Horizon standpoint.

I am wondering if we have to re-register vCenter server if vCenter is upgraded or restored from backup.

I know that we have to do that when vCenter server has been re-created from scratch even if it uses the same IP addres as It has used before.

However, what if it is upgraded to a newer version or restored from backup?

To be specific,

1. vCenter Server is upgraded with data migration, such as vCenter 6.0 -> 6.5 or 6.5 -> 6.7

2. vCenter Server is restored from file based backup

in those case, do we have to re-register vCenter from Horizon side?

Any comments and adviced would be appreciated

Thank you


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Hello Naoyuki,

i'm gonna try to answer it , while checking the vcenter within the Horizon console. Can you reach the Vcenter server? properly you need to reconnect within the properties to verify the certificate

I case of deleting the vCenter, you need to remove all the pervious used desktop pools.

When the desktop pools, folders and clusters are the same, reconnecting the vcenter server will be enough Smiley Wink




Thank you for your advice.

I got information from another channel that there is no need to reconnect/reconfigure on Horizon side after upgrading vSphere 6.0->6.5->6.7.

Thank you anyway

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