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Disable "Enable Folder Sharing" feature in HTML5 entirely

Hey guys,

I need to disable the "Enable Folder Sharing" feature in HTML5 entirely but I don't know how.


This morning I've been digging through settings files, tons of JavaScript and CSS lines to find a way to remove or at least hide this feature from the HTML5 Web GUI – without success.

The latest thing I've tried is to set up a GPO and disable File Transfer, which btw. works as intended – but it's just not what I am looking for; it does disable the File Transfer panel, but "Enable Folder Sharing" is a different thing!

When a user connects he's able to select a local folder to map through to his virtual Desktop, but that local folder is from the Connection Server itself. This is highly problematic, as one could imagine, as using a "Browse" window is already enough to do lots of stupid stuff on that machine (given the permissions are not entirely stripped).



So, does anyknow know how I can remove and/or disable this Feature or simply hide it?


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