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Disable Windows update service on instant clones?


We are currently using Horizon 7.7 with Windows 10 LTSC 2019 as the gold image for our instant clones. One thing that I have noticed on the instant clones when logging in is that the Windows Update service has changed from our master image.

In the master image, we have the service disabled. When the instant clone has been created, the update service has been changed to a state of manual (Triggered) state and is running.

Does anyone know how to disable this from being changed and run in the instant clone?

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There isn't a way, for some reason it always turns back on, but instead disable the windows module installer and it has the same effect.

Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I haven't done much testing with the LTSC but is there also a service called "Windows Update Medic Service"?

From what I've read the sole purpose of this service is to run as SYSTEM and turn back on Windows Module Installer and Windows Update after a set period of time.

What I've done to try to "fix" this is use psexec to launch regedit as system and disable the medic service (WaaSMedic), starttype = 4 and windows update. Also using psexec to disable the task in task scheduler.

This can be annoying later on since you need to do the same to reverse it when you need to apply updates. I haven't seen any adverse affects, but I'm sure I'll see some in the future. Oh well, better than my IC's updating all the time.

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