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Desktop Pool question.

Good day, all. I am very new to using Horizon and am trying to find a quick answer.

I have a Horizon server running tied into our vSphere and Active Directory environment. It configured flawlessly. 

I have several VMs in our test environment configured with various Windows builds. i.e. 21H1, 22H2, 22H2 in Enterprise and Professional and LTSC 2016, 2019 and 2021.

If they are in a pool, is there a way that our users can select which VM they with to run from a pool or does each one need a pool?

Many thanks for any insight or direction.



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Each pool has its own "base image" so you can't mix different builds in a single pool. A user can choose from which pool he wants a desktop, but can't choose which desktop in that pool. The desktop is assigned either randomly. You can also configure it so that the user always gets the same desktop from that pool instead of each time a different one.

One exception to this are manual desktop pools, where you add VMs manually to a pool. Then it is possible to add different builds to the same pool, but still the user can't "choose" a desktop. Either Horizon selects one or you assign a user to a specific desktop.

Mickeybyte (ITPro blog)

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