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Deploying VMware Horizon client for Linux

Does anyone know where (or if) I can dig up proper packages (Deb and RPM) for VMware Horizon client for Linux?

I work in an organisation where Linux popularity is accelerating on all systems, so this is becoming a bit of a big deal.

I managed to get an old version (2.2) from Canonical's partner repositories but it's getting a bit old now. The VMware-provided bundle packages made available are just a royal pain to install and maintain at scale, especially when all the popular Linux distros have a very robust package and repository management built-in. Sysadmins deploying the View client don't want a pretty GUI installer, we want something that can be done at scale.

Also, why is there only x86 support? This is 2015 and almost everything in Linux is x86-64 now because it just works. VMware, please actually put a little effort into the Linux client rather than trying to reinvent software installation processes.

What do other customers do to work around all this? Are better packages available?

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