Deploy Red Hat Linux Desktop using VMware Horizon View?

Hi VMware Experts, I hope you can clarify something for me.

I would like to be able to create a Linux desktop Gold Image within Horizon, install my apps and then role this out to either ThinClients or repurposed FatClient Desktops

I have scoured the Web and I can't see anything pertaining to this being possible with Linux, and all answers point firmly back to Windows only!  Is this only suitable for Microsoft Windows based desktops?

I started looking at the Horizion View idea as I figured as I can create a Red Hat Linux VM in VMWare Workstation, install apps, clone it and then deploy it for remote access via RDP that the Horizon View would be the enterprize way of doing the very same thing!

To give some context, my end users are programmers and they currently use a physical Linux Desktop connecting to Linux Server VMs with ESXi

Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated as I have limited experience of VMWare in a Corporate context and I have a background in networking only

Thanks in advance


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VMware View does not support a Linux agent inside your desktop, only Windows.

There is a discussion about it here, and you can sign a petition to make it happen:

vmware view 5 support for linux/Debian guest?


Yury Magalif

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