Delayed typing & disappearing mouse???

Here's our environment:

Vmware View 4.6

ESXi 4.1 U1 running on all hosts

Virtual desktops running Windows 7 SP1 w/latest View 4.6 agent and vmware tools.

Samsung NC240 Zero clients

Here's a couple of the problems we've been noticing:

1.  Occasionally you will be typing along and all of a sudden there is a big pause (no response) and them it will jump to catch up.

     --I've adjusted vm resources but it didn't make any difference.

     --currently these vm's are running at 3 to 4 GB ram and 2 v'cpu's.

2.  Very often after a client has locked his pc when he comes back and logs in his mouse pointer is gone.

     --weird thing is the mouse still works as you can move it around and see icons being highlighted, etc--just no visible mouse pointer

     --if i use the keyboard and hit the windows start menu button or just keep moving the mouse around it eventually "re-appears".

     --also changing the windows resolution, refresh, or just about any screen-related setting will make it come back as well, even if you just change it then set it back to the original setting.

Anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?

It's driving some of my clients crazy.


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What firmware version are you on with your Samsung?  Download 3.4 from and test again.  If you still have problems with 3.4 then shoot an email to as this is something we will need to troubleshoot.


Gunnar Berger


Gunnar Berger
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