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Datastore size / number - all flash array

Purchased a //x20 to replace a Tegile HA2300 hybrid configured with 2 TB datastores.

12 x Cisco UCS B Series servers, FC connected to MDS-9148S switches.

VMware 6.7 U3, Horizon 7.7 and AppVolumes 2.16, linked clones.

In some of the FlashStack validated designs, I see configurations such as a singe 10 TB datastore to support 1000 VMs(?), any concerns related to queue depth?

For AppVolumes, it is necessary to create a Storage Group and distribute the App Stacks over 2 or 3 datastores? Response should not be an issue, but again, any concerns related to queue depth or is this a non-factor.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi dzak

I would say if you're using best practice recommendations for your storage and have queue-depth set accordingly you shouldn't have any problems/concerns with App Volumes performance.

VMware Knowledge Base​ - App Volumes Limits

1000 VM's on VMFS and 2000 VM's on VSAN are the published maximums so when/if you grow beyond that you would want to create a storage group to replicate the AppStacks in order to accommodate the increased number of VM's

Hope that helps.

Joe Graziano
Senior Solution Engineer - EUC Federal
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